Can Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?
Can Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Can Smoking Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Smoking as we all know is one of the most severe addictions that can cause multiple health issues. Most of you guys may know that smoking is one of the root causes of heart and lung cancer.

Further on it can also be severely bad for your lungs causing other respiratory issues with prolonged smoking. Among the other complex issues that may occur due to long-term smoking include suffering from kidney problems, liver disorders, and hypertension.

But do you know that male sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction can also occur due to smoking? Well, many of you may not even have a clue that smoke could cause sexual problems in men.

Well, that is what we are here to discuss in this article. In this article, we will find out what is the link between smoking and suffering from erectile dysfunction issues. Further on we will also find out how exactly this may occur.

Before beginning we would like to inform you that if you are having ED issues regardless of the actual cause you may use medicines such as Vidalista 60 mg.

Understanding what ED is?

As many of you may not have heard about the term erectile dysfunction we will begin this article by describing what ED is. See, ED or erectile dysfunction is a sort of sexual disorder relating to the lack of erections in men.

When a man suffers from this sexual issue the trouble noticeable in them would be the inability to be able to achieve and sustain a strong and hard erection. The symptom most commonly visible would be failing to get a hard penis erection despite trying out several means of stimulation provided to the penis region.

Although ED issues primarily occur due to any existing disorders in males such as suffering from heart issues, nerve disorders, obesity, high cholesterol, and diabetes, it could be possible that psychological problems may also hamper your erections.

Suffering from severe stress, anxiety or depression could also bring in sexual trouble in your life. Generally, such men have to make use of medicines such as Cenforce 150 mg to try and get rid of the issue of intimacy.

What causes smokers to suffer from ED issues?

Smokers who smoke excessively could also be prone to having ED issues. Yes, even poor lifestyle habits and falling prey to addictions to smoking could bring this sexual trouble in your life.

Excessive smoking is one of the primary reasons to have erectile dysfunction these days in males. A study done on this reveals that most men who are below the age of 30 or 40 could be suffering from ED issues only due to excessive smoking habits. See, if you want to avoid any such issues you need to get rid of smoking anyhow.

How does smoking lead to ED?

Now, let us find out those intricate ways by which you could end up having ED issues due to smoking. Here we will find how smoking could cause you to have those physical and psychological issues that relate to ED more directly.

Excessive smoking causes heart disorders

We all know that smoking is severely bad for your cardiac health. As you may have seen above cardiac issues could end you up in further trouble in the form of having erectile dysfunction issues.

Heart disorders are one of the primary reasons for men having ED issues. Most men only above their 40s would have a heart complexity that is causing ED trouble.

Smoking too much could cause anxiety

Not many of you may know that smoking is also severely bad for your mental health. With too much smoking you could easily end up suffering from added stress, anxiety, and depression.

While many of you guys take to smoking to get rid of stress and anxiety, over the long term it only works the exact opposite of this. Scientific studies done in this field suggest that as many as 50% of men could end up with anxiety and depression only through smoking.

Smoking can cause hypertension

Smoking also causes you to suffer from hypertension. This is actually due to it causing heart disorders initially. Another way smoking can cause ED trouble is due to the formation of arterial damage due to excessive nicotine deposition in the inner walls of your arteries and blood vessels.

Being under the severe addictions of cigarettes and vaping causes you to inhale all the nicotine which eventually deposits to the walls or the inner linings of the arteries making blood flow difficult.

This makes less blood flow through the penis tissues to be able to cause an erection problem in the patient.

Is smoking inherently to cause Erectile dysfunction?

Now that you have found out about the reasons why smoking can relate to having sexual problems in your life, you may be wondering whether smoking will cause ED at some point in your life.

See, as such there is no evidential proof suggesting that all smokers would end up having ED trouble. The only issue is that males would risk having ED if they smoke heavily.

The scientific studies done so far suggest that most men could end up having ED trouble at some stage in their lives if they are prone to nicotine and smoking addiction.

How much smoking is safe without having to suffer from ED issues?

Remember that only those who are heavy smokers could end up having ED trouble. If you smoke moderately only you may have problems achieving hard penis erections in a few specific situations only.

But, it is only when that you start growing ever more dependent on smoking and become addicted to it eventually there is a risk of having ED issues.

How to treat ED issues in smokers?

To get rid of ED trouble due to smoking you could use medicines such as Fildena 100 Purple Pill. However, medicines can only provide a short-term treat for a few hours. Of course, there are other treatments for treating ED issues which include surgeries or herbal therapies.

But, if you have to get rid of ED issues permanently, you will somehow need to reduce your dependency on smoking too much.

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