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Super P Force 160mg contains Super P Force 100mg and Dapoxetine 60mg are active parts that are used to solve Erectile dysfunction and Premature ejaculation issue in men. Follow the doctor’s prescription before taking Super P Force. This medicine is only for men above 18 years of age.

Super P Force

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Did you catch wind of Super P Force? No. Kindly make sense of this. With each passing year, medicine in the modern era advances to new heights.

Diseases that were once thought to be impossible can now be treated.

Impotence and other sexual problems have evolved into manageable medical complications. It is well known that more and more men are having trouble with erections as each year goes by.

This can be attributed to several things, including unhealthy lifestyle choices, drug side effects, and interpersonal conflicts.

As per clinical definitions, premature ejaculation is a type of erectile dysfunction where a man or his accomplice Premature Ejaculation during sexual movement sooner or sooner than wanted.

To put it another way, it is the ejaculation of semen during or immediately after penetration.

Men all around the world are impacted by sexual problems like erectile dysfunction (ED). It is assessed that more than 30 million men in the US of America have this condition.

Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd delivers the pills, a mixed treatment for ED and premature ejaculation (PE).

For safe and productive results, give it a try. These tablets primarily contain the two ingredients sildenafil and dapoxetine.

Sildenafil is a PDE5 inhibitor that helps to treat erectile dysfunction. Dapoxetine, the other component of the medication, is used to treat PE.

Super P Force (Sildenafil+Dapoxetine) Uses

Do you know its uses? No. Take 160 mg of Super P Force if you suffer from ED or PE. This sexual dysfunction, otherwise called “impotence”, makes it trying to accomplish or keep a strong erection during sexual activity.

Additionally, PE is treated with this medication. Men who have it ejaculate earlier than they intended.

How to work?

The two key pieces of this medication are sildenafil and dapoxetine. 100 mg of Sildenafil and 60 mg of Dapoxetine make up every pill.

A class of meds known as PDE5 inhibitors incorporates sildenafil 100. It makes the veins in the penis unwind, considering satisfactory blood stream and advancing erection during sexual activity.

A particular Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) is dapoxetine 60. Serotonin levels are increased as a result, lengthening the ejaculation period.

The two active ingredients mentioned above are combined in Super P Force to produce an effect that can last up to 8 hours.

Why Super P Force is a well-known treatment for ED issues?

Within 15 minutes, Super P Force can begin to function. Since it has been logically shown to benefit around 80% of men who experience sexual trouble, it is a typical treatment for ED issues.

It has a long history of progress and was the primary erectile dysfunction treatment to get FDA-approved.

Super P Force is a compelling treatment for ED issues in clinical preliminaries directed everywhere.

A solitary dose can deliver numerous erections in certain men, and each dose can last as long as four hours.

How to Take?

Do you have at least some idea of how to take this medication? Yes. Water is advised when taking the tablet. With water, the entire pill should be ingested.

As the medication just blends rapidly with water in the circulation system, different solvents should stay away.

The medication should be consumed 30 minutes to an hour before taking part in sexual movement.

Taking it while starving is ideal. The drug’s action may be delayed if taken after food. At the point when required about an hour before sexual movement, Super P Force performs best.

You must be stimulated sexually to have an erection. Most doctors advise taking one pill once daily.

Different medications for treating male erectile dysfunction issues can’t be taken simultaneously as Super P Force.

A high-fat meal should not be consumed with Super P Force because it may lessen the medication’s effectiveness. You are not safeguarded from physically sent sicknesses by pills.

Dosage of Super P Force

Most doctors advise taking one pill once a day. A 24-hour time frame should exclude more than one dose.

Super P Force can’t be taken simultaneously with different medications for treating male erectile dysfunction.

Since it might decrease the drug’s viability, you shouldn’t accept Super P Force with a high-fat dinner. Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)are not shielded from you by Super P Force.


A tablet called Super P Force is used to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction (ED).

The active component in Viagra, sildenafil citrate, is present in the tablets in doses of 100 mg. Additionally, it contains 60 mg of Dapoxetine, a medication that prevents early ejaculation.

Side Effects

The majority of the time, taking Super P Force has only minor side effects.

Migraine, irritated stomach, vision issues, tipiness, light responsiveness, flushed skin, and rashes are regular side effects.

Hearing issues, brief visual impairment, and an erection that will not disappear are remarkable however serious side effects.

You should see a doctor if you experience one of these side effects after using the tablet.


If you take nitric oxide giver drugs like dynamite, isosorbide, dinitrate, or nitroprusside, you can’t take Super P Force 160.

Illuminate your doctor pretty much all regarding your physician-recommended meds before taking Super P Force.

Try not to begin taking Super P Force 160mg assuming you are now taking quinidine, cimetidine, antifungals, niacin, erythromycin, circulatory strain meds, or medications for treating HIV disease.


Counsel your doctor to go over your clinical history before taking tablets.

Illuminate your doctor you may experience the ill effects of hypertension, kidney or liver infection, sickle cell sickness, malignant growth, draining issues, myeloma, or physical deformations of the penis.

If it’s not too much trouble, make a point to finish up the discussion structure with the entirety of your clinical data you may intend to Buy Super P Force 160 mg from Genericmedsstore.

Plan an interview with your doctor you may be unsure about whether it’s safe for you to take Super P Force.

Reviews of Super P Force 100mg+60mg

An anonymous user made the opinion that I made my first online purchase of the pills. I was experiencing early ejaculation issues and a loss of libido.

To solve this issue, I tried numerous pills.

I once followed my friend’s advice and ordered Super P Force from

A single dose of the medication solves the issue of premature ejaculation, which I find to be very annoying. I’m overjoyed to once again be relishing my married life.

Every PE patient should try it, in my opinion.


Is Super P Force Equivalent to Viagra?

Super P Force is said to contain Dapoxetine and Sildenafil Citrate. Viagra’s active component is sildenafil. Dapoxetine, however, is not present in Viagra.

Since Viagra has been thoroughly tested and is a licensed drug, it cannot contain potentially harmful mixtures like Sildenafil and Dapoxetine in a single tablet.

What are Sildenafil + Dapoxetine tablets?

Premature ejaculation is treated with sildenafil and dapoxetine.

During and after sexual stimulation, the penis can erect thanks to phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE-5) inhibitor sildenafil, which increases blood flow to it.

Knowing the ideal Super P Force dosage?

Patients will take one Dapoxetine 60 mg and Sildenafil 100 mg film-coated tablet throughout the 4-week treatment period, 1-3 hours before sexual activity.

During treatment, no more than 1 tablet of the drug should be taken every 24 hours.

What is the right method to take?

Both Sildenafil and Dapoxetine, which treat male erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, are combined in Sildenafil + Dapoxetine.

During and after sexual stimulation, the penis is capable of erection thanks to sildenafil, a phosphodiesterase type-5 (PDE-5) inhibitor.

How long does Super P Force last in your body?

The typical time frame for Sildenafil + Dapoxetine to manifest its effects is 30 minutes. The impact could linger for close to 4-5 hours.

Can I take the Super P Force tablet every day?

Yes. You can take the tablet every day.

Does dapoxetine permanently treat PE?

The effectiveness and safety of SSRIs in delaying ejaculation have been shown in numerous well-controlled evidence-based studies, reiterating their position as first-line treatments for both acquired and lifelong PE.

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Sunrise Remedies Pvt Ltd

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GMS 29548

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4 Tablets in Strip


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Drug Class

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

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Treat Erectile Dysfunction in men

Side Effects

Headache, nausea, indigestion, blurred vision, visual disturbance, dizziness and stuffy nose

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