Does Obesity affect your sex life?
Does Obesity affect your sex life?

Does Obesity affect your sex life?

Obesity is one of the most concerning issues these days. Most of the young generations including the millennials are the most affected by this disorder.

Suffering from long-term obesity is not good for your health. It may undermine your health and increase the risks of several other disorders too. Among them, we will particularly check out whether obesity can indeed affect your sexual life and bring in any major sexual disorders.

So let’s begin right away…

How are obesity and sex life related?

Indeed obesity and sex life are relatable. It has been noticed that obese people may not entirely enjoy their sexual life. They may not be able to enjoy sexual lust or their sexual fantasies while suffering from obesity. Due to this obese men may have to use medicines to get hard such as Cenforce 150mg.

Obesity may not promote enough sexual feelings inside patients. Sometimes suffering from obesity you may tend to have other disorders crop up as additional complexities which may further undermine your erectile dysfunction.

And here is how this may occur-

  • Obesity may trigger anxiety, depression, and stress

One of the factors to consider here is the fact that obese people are more prone to suffering from psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, and stressful issues.

According to some research, all of them promote these facts. As per several studies done on obese men, they may tend to crop such psychological issues by as much as 20%.

It is quite obvious to understand that someone who is suffering from anxiety or depression may not be able to enjoy sex as much. Worst is the fact that suffering from such issues you may not even have the desire to have sex with your partner.

  • Obesity may trigger cardiac disorders which again cause hindrances in your sexual life

Another relation between obesity and your sexual life stems from the fact that the former can generate different types of Cardiovascular disorders and thus hinder you from enjoying the romantic and sensual moments in life.

Several researches around the globe have shown that obese men have up to a 50% chance of suffering from heart disorders at some stage. This of course is true if you do not cure your obesity issues as fast as you can.

Obese people can develop several heart conditions and have an increased chance of suffering from cardiac arrest, cardiac failure, and even other related cardiac diseases such as high blood pressure or atherosclerosis.

As per highly advanced research low blood flow can specifically cause some sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction needing the use of Super P Force, premature ejaculation, and so on.

Being obese you may face these issues in your sex life

Are you suffering from obesity? Well if this is the case you may face some of the following sexual issues in your life-

  • Not being able to have sex due to increased weight

We don’t want to go too deep into this but surely it is evident that obese men have a hard time while having sex on the bed. Due to your increased weight, it becomes difficult to achieve sexual poses. This can form dissatisfaction in you as well as your partner as neither of you can achieve sexual pleasing.

  • Ejaculating too early

Often it has been found that men suffering from obesity have to deal with issues of premature ejaculation. As the name of the medical disorder reveals itself such men may not be able to have sex for long ending their sex abruptly and again not being able to achieve orgasm for either of the partners.

  • Obese men may not achieve erections as hard

It may be difficult for you to achieve a strong erection or sustain it if you are obese. No, we are not saying this, rather this is proven by several studies done on the sexual behavior of obese men.

According to such studies, one out of 15 obese men may have sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction. This makes it difficult to have any penetrating capabilities in the first place let alone have sex or achieve orgasm.

  • Obese people may have a distaste or lack of sexual feelings

Yes, several scientific types of research prove that men suffering from obesity may have to deal with a lack of sex drive in them. As per studies, one in every 8 men may experience such issues. This makes you develop a general dislike and lack of any romantic and sensual feelings toward having sex.

How can obese men enjoy their sexual lives?

Now, it is not that you may not be able to enjoy your sexual life anyhow. Being obese is a concern for your sexual life, so far we have seen that. But, you may still enjoy your sexual life. Here are some of how you can do this-

  • Providing foreplay and stimulations to your partner before having sex

If your male partner is obese then you may have to sexually arouse them before having sex. This means that you may have to provide sexual stimulation to them by kissing or touching them sexually.

  • Use your curves to arouse the heat on the bed

Men always have a liking for feminine curves. You can make use of your curves to oomph your partner and let it follow. Doing some belly dancing and teasing before may help as well.

  • Hire a sexual counselor

If the problems are not solved using any of the above techniques then you have to hire a sexual expert necessarily a sexual counselor or sex therapy expert to help you in your sexual life. You may ask them as to which sex positions can work better for you and so on.

The best way to enjoy your sexual life- Get rid of your obesity

The best remedy to bring back the oozing temptations again in your sexual life is to come out of obesity and discover who you are truly.

Remedies to obesity include a hell of a lot of exercise, meditation, yoga, morning walks, ditching any fast food and unhealthy diet, avoiding all forms of carbohydrates and fats from your regular meals, doing morning walks, playing any sports, and so on.

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