Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg

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Active Ingredient

Beclomethasone Dipropionate


Cipla, India


30 rotacaps in 1 packet


400 Mcg

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Beclomethasone Dipropionate 400 mcg is an active ingredient in Beclate Rotacaps 400 mcg, a standard asthma treatment. A medicine called steroids is found in Beclate Rotacaps 400 mcg. Follow the doctor’s advice.

Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg

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Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg is a type of inhaler that is ideal for Asthma patients to treat asthma issues and their symptoms. The generic content of the medicine which is Beclometasone is a type of steroidal type medicinal ingredient which can provide a preventive type of action against asthma issues in men.

But before you hastily make your decision to use this preventive Asthma inhaler let the doctors confirm it for you so that you can easily buy this medicine from the pharmacy stores or online portals and also to remain at bay from side effects.

The dose when taken regularly works gradually and within a few days or about one week, the medicine will reach maximum efficacy and prevent symptoms of Asthma from coming in.

Composition of Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg

Beclometasone is the generic element found in the liquid nebulizer within the inhaler. This is a type of steroidal agent. With the actions of beclometasone coming into foreplay it allows the muscles of the trachea to ease up so that air can flow through easily.

The chemical class of the medicine is also mineralocorticoids. The good thing about this generic ingredient is that it does not have any risks of habit-forming tendencies.

The dosage amount of Beclometasone in the whole inhaler amounts to 400 Mcg. Beclometasone is an FDA-approved ingredient and its applications involve only providing a preventive effect from asthma symptoms and not curing the disease permanently.

Medicinal Benefits of having Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg

Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg is a type of inhaler that prevents you from suffering the worst of an asthma attack. For a person who is suffering from critical conditions of the disorder, it is always beneficial to avoid the occurrences of asthma.

No doubt that fewer chances of asthma symptoms is the most important benefit for a patient who is reeling from asthma symptoms.

Another large benefit of using the inhaler with Generic Beclometasone is that its actions tend to come in much faster.

Direction of Usage

To use the inhaler Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg you need to follow some administration instructions. Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg is a type of inhaler and you need to put it in your mouth. While holding the inhaler in an upright position you need to inhale the required number of puffs.

Remember that alongside using the inhaler you may have other medicines in use as well. This may include other prescription medicines. Let this medicines take at least one hour before or after taking the inhaler. You need to keep some time between taking the inhaler and other medicines.

Additional Direction for Users

Alongside the right administration, you need to keep some other instructions in mind.

Avoid taking in alcohol and other addictive agents or substances. Remember that the Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg is also a type of steroidal type of medicine. taking in two together will cause you to have some side effects like headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Side Effects

Side effects may occur after inhaling through the Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg. This is either because you don’t suit well to the inhaler’s generic ingredient Beclometasone or else you have taken more puffs than you should take.

Here is a list of the side effects of Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg-

  • Irritation in the tongue and throat
  • Soreness in the neck region
  • Pharyngitis
  • No taste in the mouth
  • Nasal irritation
  • Burning sensation in the airways

What to do when you face side effects?

So, now that you are facing side effects what should you do? Well, the first thing is to take assistance from anyone close by whether it is a family member or any other person. As you are facing some side effects you may feel tired and dozed so sit down immediately in a comforting position.

Also, immediately call the doctor and inform them of the exact side effects you are witnessing. Keep a note of it and in case you continue using the inhaler let the doctors know whether the same side effects are occurring yet again.

Drug Warnings

Generally, you need to be wary of any drug that you are consuming alongside using the inhaler Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg. Specifically, keep a note of any steroidal medicines.

This may include medicines for pain such as musculoskeletal pain, and neural pain, sleep medicines, medicines for curing post-therapeutic pain, pills for curing anxiety, depression, stress, and so on.

There may also be some antibacterial medicines that may cause interactions with Beclometasone.

Drug Interactions

  • Drug Interaction

As we told you above, various medicines such as pain-curing medicines, medicines for curing sleep disorders, pain-treating medicines post-surgery, blood pressure controlling medicines, heart ailment treating medicines, and medicines for treating anxiety, depression, and other psychological disorders may all contradict with the use of Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg.

  • Food Interaction

Generally, there are no specific foods that may interact with Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg.

  • Other body organ Interaction

Some other body organs such as the heart may have slight chances of contraindication especially if you have heart disorders.

  • Disease Interaction

Other diseases with which the inhaler may contraindicate include heart disorders, sleep disorders, psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, and even neural disorders like shingles, seizures, and neuralgia.

Safety Advice

  • While Driving

Generally, we always recommend taking your Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg daily dose only when you are at home. Avoid taking it outside especially when driving a car. At least during the first few days follow these instructions for there are chances of having side effects like headache, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is strictly forbidden with the use of the inhaler. It is also a high-causing agent and may act as a catalyst to produce certain side effects.

  • Habit Forming

As such doctors have never found any addictive tendencies to use the Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Generally apart from using your inhaler, you need to ensure some other lifestyle precautions. These include some basic care so that you can avoid suffering from asthma symptoms unnecessarily. Avoid being outside too much, especially under conditions where the allergen that triggers asthma attacks may be present.

Avoid drinking habits or regular dependencies on using narcotics like marijuana and cannabis.

Ensure to take heed of proper sleeping habits to avoid suffering from nocturnal asthma. Ensure to take a light and healthy diet avoiding too many processed foods and fast or junk food items.

For those who are suffering from asthma doing certain breathing exercises can also come in pretty handy. These can help you to control your breathing during an asthma symptom.

Along with this, you can try out some meditation as well. This can be useful because it allows you to control your thoughts and have better mental control over your breathing during an asthma attack.

Special Conditions

  • When to Consult Doctor

Generally, you need to consult the doctor as soon as you suffer from asthma symptoms frequently. Do not delay your doctor’s visit. It will be much better for you as soon as you can get the right treatment which also prevents worsening disorder.

  • When to Stop Taking Beclate Rotacaps 400 Mcg

Ask the doctor when you need to stop inhaling your regular dose. it may be only recommended for a few weeks or months depending on the condition of the patient.

Active Ingredient

Beclomethasone Dipropionate


Cipla, India


30 rotacaps in 1 packet


400 Mcg

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days

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    These Rotacaps have seriously improved my respiratory health and made my workouts so much easier. I feel like I can breathe deeper and push myself further than ever before. Plus, it’s so easy to use and fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle.

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