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Duratia 90 mg is a powerful medicine and FDA-Approved. Duratia 90 contains Dapoxetine is a main component that is used to treat Male sexual dysfunction commonly caused by premature ejaculation (PE). It falls under the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) medication class (especially serotonin reuptake inhibitors).

Duratia 90 Mg

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Duratia 90 mg the pill and its usage recommendation is given by doctors to any patient who will have symptoms of suffering from a sexual disorder known as premature ejaculation or PE. This type of sexual disorder is only visible in males with the males not being able to continue having sex for too long.

Eventually, it is during this time that the patient has to approach the doctors, and based on the conversation, and thoughtful analysis from the doctors a careful recommendation of the Duratia 90mg pills is recommended to the patients.

Composition of Duratia 90mg

Within the medicines of the Duratia 90mg pills, is a substance known as Generic Dapoxetine which can help prevent further issues of premature ejaculation from occurring. But, this drug substance is only able to temporarily stop such issues without being able to treat the disorder permanently.

Duratia 90 mg pill compositional element is the substance known as Dapoxetine which works as a substance in the brain to increase the levels of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) hormone.

Rising these hormonal amounts inside the brain can allow one to get relieved of any stress and anxiety giving them more control over their sexual thoughts and eventually having better control over their ejaculation.

Medicinal Benefits of having Duratia 90mg

Of course, the primary benefit of using the medicines is getting a clear solution to ending the sexual woes with your partner. For a man who has been suffering from premature ejaculation for a long time, it is impossible to enjoy sexual satisfaction due to the issues of ejaculating too early without reaching a climax.

But, now on with the use of medicines, one can get over such issues even though the medicine does not provide any way of permanently treating the disorder.

Direction of Usage

Now, let us check out the directions for using the medicine Duratia 90mg. So, these terms of usage will be defined by the doctors and a course of schedule for administering the medicines would be dependent on the severity of the disorder in the patient and the adjustability of Generic Dapoxetine in the body of the patient.

  • Additional Direction for Users

Additionally apart from the swallowing for intake patients will have to adhere to some of the other safety guidelines during the process of intake.

For this, the patients have to avoid using alcohol along with the use of the medicine under any circumstances. Other than this setting in with the regular course of the medicines one must not take in more than one medicine throughout one day.

Side Effects

Usually, the doctor’s recommended dose won’t enable you with having side effects unless you are overdosing deliberately or irresponsibly.

Side effects of the medicine can get you mild effects such as headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, dryness in the mouth, and so on.

But, there is also a possibility that something severe may go wrong and this includes having issues with erections possibly causing premature ejaculation which is another sexual disorder along with experiencing pain in the chest, lower libido, nervousness, sweating too much, and blurred vision.

  • What to do when you face side effects?

Usually, when you are suffering from side effects the aim should be not for panicking but rather to try to stay calm and gather the courage to deal with the issues. You see you will need to adhere to taking guidance or help from someone possibly because you may be feeling tired along with headache and dizziness if you are possibly experiencing such side effects.

While experiencing other side effects, especially as chest pain or lower libido, or experiencing issues with penis hardening can be one of the long-term issues of administering the medicines and is mostly severe in all cases.

Drug Warnings

Usually the administration of the Duratia 90mg medicines doctors will ask you to be careful about certain warnings of the drug.

Mostly this will be to using any other agent such as alcohol or narcotic substances that may trigger the actions of side effects much too quickly or else these can also be to avoid doing certain activities when you are under the control of side effects. Doctors inform patients to avoid driving outside as feeling headache, or experiencing nausea can cause mind hallucinations which makes your life prone to an accident.

Other than this you may also be issued warnings and avoidance to using certain other medicines which may have a possible contraindicating nature with the use of dapoxetine.

Drug Interactions

Now in this section, we are going to find out about all the interaction agents which may come in the way of dapoxetine actions causing side effects.

  • Drug Interaction

Usually, certain types of medicines may cause drug interactions to occur primarily. These include the use of medicines such as those treating PE, or other sexual disorders. Along with this doctors would even ask you to take medicines treating heart disorders carefully.

  • Food Interaction

Usually, there are no interactions with any food items and you may go on taking in your diet.

  • Other body organ Interaction

Generally, no other forms of interactions on any of your body organs.

  • Disease Interaction

Usually, men using the medicine for a too long time may have a specific tendency to have issues with their erections which may lead to premature ejaculation.

Safety Advice

Now in this section, we are going to find out about some of the safety advice that the patient has to be on during their entire course of the Dapoxetine 90mg medicines.

  • While Driving

Driving is generally not a good option to consider especially when feeling dizzy, or having nausea and vomiting.

  • Alcohol

Yes, alcohol indeed is one of the primary drug interaction agents from the non-medicinal category. It may cause you to have side effects come in.

  • Habit Forming

Habit-forming tendencies have not come up with drug use.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Although, you may be getting good results with the use of the Dapoxetine 90mg pills it does not harm you to adopt a healthy lifestyle and diet to ensure that you can finally get a proper remedy to treat the disorder.

For this patients suffering from premature ejaculation issues must do proper exercises and ensure restraining themselves to a bland and simple diet mostly containing fresh vegetables, fish, and lean meat along with seasonal fruits taken in regularly.

Special Conditions

  • When to Consult Doctor

We recommend that any patient who is witnessing the first symptoms of premature ejaculation head straight to the doctor for consultation. At least going this way you will be informed of an early remedial process and thus prevent the disorders from turning worst.

Of course, men must check out the issues or the symptoms that are occurring due to the premature ejaculation disorder which is to experience early ejaculation every time.

  • When to Stop Taking Duratia 90mg

Usually, you will need to stop taking further medicines after finishing a certain amount of course of the Duratia 90mg medicines. Your doctors in due course of time will share the news with you once the time arrives. Remember that there may be some negative consequences if a patient continues with the Duratia 90mg medicines after a certain amount of finished doses.

Active Ingredient


Brand Name



Fortune Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

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GMS 29840

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days




90 Mg


10 Tablets in Strip


Pills Strips

Drug Class

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors

Prescribed For

Treat Premature Ejaculation in Men

Side Effects

Headaches, Feeling sick, Flushing, Indigestion, Stuffy nose, Feeling dizzy

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