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Active Ingredient

Fluocinolone + Hydroquinone + Tretinoin


Galderma India Pvt Ltd


15 gm in 1 tube


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With Triluma Cream, you can eliminate dark spots and uneven skin tone. This solution can treat hyperpigmentation effectively and powerfully, reducing uneven pigmentation and enhancing skin brightness. Shop now and see the results for yourself!

Triluma Cream

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Melasma curing ointment- Introducing Triluma cream

Triluma Cream is a medicinal ointment cream that is useful for curing the issues of melasma. Suffering from melasma is a skin condition that causes gradual occurrences of dark spots on your skin and eventually, such dark skin areas also have inflammation, itching, and swelling problems.

But now you can end melasma condition with the use of Triluma Cream. This cream is only an external-purpose use cream which means that it is only safe to apply the cream on your skin that has been affected.

But since you will need to be diagnosed properly it is necessary to visit the doctors and be diagnosed with melasma disorder too.

Triluma Cream has the contents of different generic elements in it. It contains three different generic substances: Hydroquinone, Tretinoin, and Flucinolone Acitonide.

Do you know when to use Triliuma cream?

As we told you above the purpose for using the Triluma cream is only for one specific skin condition that is commonly occurring in many adults these days and that is the melasma skin condition.

Within this skin condition, certain areas on your skin that are affected would turn black giving a different color and appearance to your whole body. Not only does not look ugly but such dark spots eventually start to swell, cause itching, and inflamed.

It is to cure this condition that the doctors would recommend you to use the Triluma Cream. Remember though that the doctors will prescribe a dose depending on your current age and the presence of any other disorders.

How should a patient use the Triluma cream with a daily dose?

Generally, the doctors will specify the rough amount of dose that you need to apply to the affected regions. The doctors will specify to use of only a small pea-sized amount of the cream for each use. However, depending on the condition and whether it is particularly severe the doctors may even recommend using the cream more than once during a few days.

Missing your dose may delay the time to fully cure melasma

Don’t miss using the Triluma Cream. Remember that the effects of the Triluma Cream to properly become visually appealing may need time sometimes even up to several weeks or months.

So, if you already misjudged your doses will not be able to provide the best effects, and eventually melasma condition may not be fully cured.

Overdose may result in side effects

Avoid excessive use of the Triluma Cream on your body. Some reviews from patients who have used the cream already state that doing so would cause some side effects to occur.

When and how to apply Triluma cream?

To apply the cream on your skin you will have to squeeze the cream on your finger and then apply it only on the affected regions and not the entire skin surface. Remember, that you must wash the affected areas before with clean water even the hand with which you will eventually apply the cream.

Just apply the cream roughly on the affected regions giving a gentle massage so that it would become absorbed deep inside the skin pores.

Modus opernadi of Triluma cream

Triluma cream as we told you above contains a list of generic substances in it.

✅Hydroquinone which is one of the substances of the cream lightens the skin color. It would generally work to reduce the dark spots that appear on the skin making the tone of your skin lighter. It also reduces the amount of melatonin hormone in your skin pores which causes the dark skin color to eventually appear.

✅Tretinoin is a form of Vitamin A version that allows rejuvenation of the skin cells. It helps in the reproduction and growth of new skin cells that appear light-toned in color.

✅Fluocinolone acetonide is a substance that blocks the progression of certain chemical messengers preventing the inflammation, redness, and itching occurring on the dark spots. Eventually, all these three generic substances work in tandem to cure melasma.

How to ensure safety from any side effects of Triluma Cream?

Doctors while recommending the use of the Triluma Cream will prescribe you to have several precaution measures followed as well.

👉Firstly the doctors would highly recommend you to use a specific dose and avoid using the cream unnecessarily as it may result in the occurrences of side effects.

👉Even to avoid any form of contamination you must wash your hands and the affected regions on your skin.

👉It is generally better to inform the doctors if your skin is highly sensitive to the use of any of the generic components present in the cream.

👉Certain people who are suffering from other skin infections such as bacterial or parasitic infections may not be recommended to use the Triluma Cream.

An analysis of the adverse effects of Triluma Cream

Generally, the side effects of the Triluma Cream are not visible or they occur very rarely. Most of the patients haven’t suffered from any side effects during the application of the cream.

Although, this is mostly true you will have to avoid using an unnecessarily high amount of the cream. You will have to consult with the doctor if your skin is sensitive or if you are using any other topical ointments or gels.

Generally, some of the most common side effects that may occur with the use of Triluma Cream include skin redness, burning of the skin, blackening of the skin, dryness of skin, and regular skin itching. Consult with the doctors if these side effects keep occurring for more than a few days.

How to store Triluma Cream?

For storing Triluma Cream you can simply look for a cooler and less sunlight coming area. Ensure to keep it high enough so that you can avoid your children getting a hold of the ointment.


Where to Buy Triluma Cream?

To Buy Triluma Cream you can check out its availability on Genericmedsstore online generic pharmacy website. Even you may wish to buy the topical ointment from your nearby medicine stores. Remember that the purchase of the cream requires a prescription though.

Can Triluma Cream be applied to children?

No, the use of the Triluma Cream is only safe for those who are above the age of 18 and adults.

Can Triluma Cream cause withdrawal effects?

No, if you stop using the cream upon completion of your tenure and cure from the infection there are no chances of side effects.

Active Ingredient

Fluocinolone + Hydroquinone + Tretinoin


Galderma India Pvt Ltd

Product Code

GMS 33105

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


4% and 0.5% and 0.01%


15 gm in 1 tube



Prescribed For

treat Melasma

Side Effects

Headache, Skin discoloration, Swelling of the skin, Peeling of skin

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