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Why is Men’s Health Becoming A Concern These Days?
Why is Men’s Health Becoming A Concern These Days?

Why is Men’s Health Becoming A Concern These Days?

When you consider the global statistics related to the health of men, you would stay in awe of the last decade’s record. In the last decade, consumption of drugs by men has increased to a level that is nearly double the number before that. What is the reason for this? Is it because of some negligence from the side of men only? Or, is it some matter related to planet Earth?

Generally, the blame for the same is enforced on individual men by world leaders. At that time the question they face is – if the fault is of the individuals, then why is humanity facing the same menace? When the leaders find questions like these from the reporters, they turn down the blame from the individuals to the planet Earth and say all nonsense related to global calamities.

What is the reality then? This must be your question. So, if a straight answer is needed here, then individual men are somewhat responsible for the menace, but there are some other reasons, which are more or more often related to the money-making of the leaders.

If the sentence needs a direct version, then the global economy is the responsible one here and individual men are becoming victims of the same.

Such a sentence cannot stand alone; it needs proper clarification. Hence, let us go to that clarification, where we will state first how individual men are responsible for their bad health and then will cover the major issue – how men are becoming victims of the global economy.

Irresponsible attitude of individual men in their bad health

  • Too much proneness towards alcohol is of course something where men themselves are responsible for their bad health. Alcohol causes heart disease and even takes men to such a condition where they need to take Cenforce 150mg like drugs.
  • The increase in smoking among men has put them into the sway of cancer. Cancer is not caused by smoking, but smoking is the best agent to ensure that a cancer patient will not survive for a long time. Other than that, smoking also causes different sexual ailments and disorders in men, where they are exposed to drugs like Vidalista 10 mg.
  • Men now are going through a phase of acute hypertension, which causes heart disorders and even indigestion issues. Eventually, these indigestion issues form high blood cholesterol or even diabetes-like ailments in men. Moreover, for this hypertension, men now expose themselves to more dangerous habits of taking weeds or such invincible drugs that make them addicted.
  • The final bad habit in men is late night sleep which is common now. This hampers the metabolism in men’s health and as a result, men form indigestion issues, gastro issues, and even constipation issues.

You will now say that men develop all these individually. They alone are responsible for cancer, hypertension, and heart ailments. Then where is the role that the leaders are playing? You will get a proper answer to the same in the next part of our article.

The actual causes of disastrous Men’s health

  • Causes of cancer

You might not know, but the reality about smoking is that it cannot cause cancer. It can only spread cancer and increase the pace at which cancer spreads in you to double or even triple. Cancer is caused by men for the chemically cultivated foods they eat.

You know very well that at present, all the foods developed worldwide are produced and cultivated by chemical insertions and that is the cause of cancer in men’s health. Smoking, although blamed to be cancer caused by the leaders who run businesses on either chemicals or chemically implanted crops they are just a spreader.

  • Cause of Hypertension

The cause of the hypertension that almost all men are suffering from at present is not their individually created syndrome, but it is the rat race that has been created by the leaders and the invincible inflation they created.

This hypertension is creating menace in men and making their High Blood pressure, damaging their heart condition, and at times when they cannot resist thoughts on them or cannot find a way out, they go for bad habits.

  • Cause of Sleeplessness and anxiety

The core matter behind all anxiety in men is related to the rising inflation itself. They continuously search for a way out of the same and when they cannot find any, they feel anguish, anxiety, and depression within. Sleeplessness was once a problem of some individual men’s health, but now that is artificial.

Near to 20% of all jobs, men do, and near to 50% of all blue-collar jobs, men do sleeplessness at night, resulting in insomnia, indigestion, gastro diseases, and even sexual dysfunction or sexual disorders where Fildena Double 200 becomes the only solution.

The conclusion

Hence, although the global leaders blame the individual men for their bad health, and assign the fault to planet Earth, who will not sue them in court, the real reason behind all these is the greed of these leaders. Greed to become powerful, greed to become the richest, and greed to become the master of civilization are the only reasons behind the misery men are facing.

The word misery is not only confined to men’s health and their health, but the saddest fact is that the entire human race, or rather to say, the entire human species is in danger from these greedy fellows.

Of course, men can keep themselves out of all these by turning themselves into philosophers and leading a life free of wishes and dreams, but a philosopher might think that it is easy to become so, but in reality, it is not.

The final words we will say to all men individually are – become selfish and live only your life. Forget about what would be your future and how you will live that. Regarding thoughts about the same, you are unable to live the joy of today. So, live the joy of today, and if you remain alive tomorrow, you will see that there will be joy too for you to enjoy.

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