Difference Between Anxiety Disorder and Erectile Dysfunction
Difference Between Anxiety Disorder and Erectile Dysfunction

Difference Between Anxiety Disorder and Erectile Dysfunction

Do you feel nervous or anxious when you are about to make love? Many men complain about having anxiety issues when they are about to have sexual intimacy.

Some men confuse erectile dysfunction with sexual performance anxiety issues. When men have anxiety issues about sexual performance, it affects erectile dysfunction. It is observed that many men have erection problems and the reason is anxiety.

To improve your sexual health, you need to identify your sexual dysfunction. Countless men are not able to perform well in bed. Poor sexual performance in bed leads to serious relationship issues. Not being able to perform in bed leaves men frustrated. Some men are worried about how they will make their partners sexually satisfied. In a bid to think, men start suffering from anxiety.

When men suffer from sexual performance anxiety issues, they experience that they do not get an erection.

In such a situation, men do not get or keep sufficient erections which results in impotence. Many research studies prove that there is a strong link between anxiety and erectile dysfunction. Cenforce 150mg helps men achieve and sustain a firm erection during lovemaking sessions.

Anxiety And Erectile Dysfunction

Anxiety about sexual performance deals with concerns about sexual dysfunction. Men think whether their female partners will be able to be satisfied sexually with men’s performance. As many such thoughts revolve around their heads, they fail to achieve an erection.

With constant thoughts of sexual performance in a man’s mind, he is not able to get and maintain a strong erection. Men need to root out sexual performance anxiety to get rid of erection issues.

On the other hand, erectile dysfunction is an inability to achieve and sustain a firm penis. Erection problems can be due to medical, mental, and physical conditions. Men who are above 40 years of age report experiencing erectile dysfunction.

It is essential to keep in mind that not all men who have sexual performance anxiety issues will have impotence problems. When men are constantly stressed and worried about their sexual activity, they develop the risk of ED.

It is the stress hormones that narrow the penile blood vessels. As a result, men cannot have an erection fully. Removing the anxiety of sexual performance can help men recover from impotence. Vidalista 60 (Cialis 60)  helps men achieve and sustain a firm penis during sexual encounters.

Common Causes Of Sexual Performance Anxiety

Psychological factors contribute to sexual performance anxiety in men. Sexual performance anxiety stems from the inability to meet the expectations of their female partners in bed. Men who watch porn videos are at a high risk of developing anxiety.

When you watch pornography, you compare yourself with the characters. As a result, you develop feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.

When you compare real-life sexual expectations with real-life sexual needs, you feel upset. You start imagining that your penis will not make your partner satisfied.

You start thinking that you ejaculate soon which will dissatisfy your female partner. The unrealistic portrait of sex is the culprit of sexual performance anxiety. The images you see in the porn videos make you question your sexual performance. When you realize you cannot meet the expectations, it results in anxiety, affecting your erection health.

Common Causes Of Erection Issues

The causes of impotence are mainly physical. The narrow penile blood vessels prevent blood from passing through the sex organ. As a result, you find it extremely difficult to achieve the harder erection necessary for satisfactory sex. If fatty substances get deposited in the penile blood vessels, blood will get restricted and erection does not happen.

Medical causes which contribute to impotence are heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, and nerve damage. Smoking and alcohol consumption are also the root causes of erectile dysfunction in men.

If an underlying disease is left untreated for many months, the chances of ED are high in men. Mental stress due to workload, financial issues, or family problems leads to erectile dysfunction. Depression is also another imperative factor of impotence problems.

With a depressed mind, it is difficult to get and keep a stiff erection. Kamagra Oral Jelly resolves erection problems in men with ease.

Treatments For Sexual Performance Anxiety

It is the psychological factor that leads to sexual performance anxiety in men. It is necessary to talk to a healthcare provider to treat anxiety during sexual performance. The right professional advice and treatment will help you overcome anxiety issues.

Talking to a sex therapist about your anxiety can boost confidence in you. Your sex therapist will tell you how you overcome fear and anxiety during sexual performance.

Your sex therapist will tell you to ditch alcohol and smoking consumption. It will help you get back your good mental health. As a result, you will be able to get rid of anxiety.

Healthy and open communication with your partner can help you overcome anxiety. Your sex therapist will advise you on the right communication techniques which you can apply in your life. Speak your intimate feelings with your female partner which will help her understand your problem.

If sex makes you anxious, you can get involved in physical intimacy. Touching each other, kissing, and hugs are great ways to sync with your partner.

Enhance your sexual life by taking a warm shower together and adding a touch of romance to your bedroom with dark chocolate and aromatic candles.

Treatments For Erectile Dysfunction

As ED stems from a lack of blood supply in the penile area, treatments will be different. It is essential to treat the underlying health issue in the first place. Rule out physiological and psychological issues which are the best treatments for ED.

Medications, various ED therapies, and positive lifestyle tweaks can make a positive difference in ED. There are various Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Strendra medications such as Sildenafil, Tadalafil, Avanafil, and Vardenafil which treat ED.

When these medications are taken in the right way, you will get back your erection. Some therapies work best on men’s health. Certain therapies will help men recover from sexual dysfunction.

Bottom line

To get erection problems treated, it is necessary to treat anxiety issues in the first place. Certain anxiety reduction techniques can also help men overcome anxiety issues during sexual intimacy.

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