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Blue Zopiclone belongs to a class of drugs called sedative-hypnotics and works by slowing down activity in the brain. The blue color distinguishes it from other forms of Zopiclone. It is typically taken orally before bedtime and should only be used short-term to avoid dependence. Common side effects may include drowsiness, dizziness, and a bitter taste in the mouth. Following the prescribed dosage and consulting a healthcare professional before use is important.

Blue Zopiclone

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Blue Zopiclone is a type of medicine that doctors recommend for sleep disorders of insomnia in the short term.

Using this medicine before you go to bed for sleep can help you avoid suffering from the problems of insomnia. For those who don’t know, insomnia may completely crush your life in the form of sleeplessness.

Often people suffering from insomnia complain about lack of sleep at night.

And guess what, this disorder is by far the most severely occurring and common sleep disorder among all men these days.

Zopiclone pills help by reducing the amount of neural activity thus allowing you to get a better night’s sleep.

Don’t forget to take consultations from the doctors before using this medicine.

Remember that this pill may also have some issues of side effects and a lot of precautionary measures need to be followed which we have discussed in the upcoming sections of the article.

In which case to use Blue Zopiclone?

Blue Zopiclone as we told you above is useful for curing the sleep disorder of insomnia.

The pill is often recommended only after you undergo a thorough diagnosis from the doctors that reveals the presence of this disorder.

Now remember that pills come in several doses, as we will find out later in the article. Before your use, you must confirm which dose of Blue Zopiclone to use for your sleep issue.

The dose recommendation is only given as per the severity of the disorder and even the doctors consider other factors such as your age and current health.

How does Blue Zopiclone work?

Blue Zopiclone is a medicine that works to bring about sleepiness in you. When this generic medicine becomes active in your body, it influences the brain to reduce its activities.

Further, it controls the presence of the GABA receptors in the brain to reduce your sleepiness tendencies.

When your brain reduces its neural activity generally you do not get involved in any thoughts and eventually get some mental rest. This helps creep in sleepiness.

How to take Blue Zopiclone?

Most brands of Blue Zopiclone are swallowing pills. This means that the mode for intake would be to swallow the entire medicine through your mouth taking in the medicine whole at a time.

For each day, doctors highly recommend using not more than a single medicine of Blue Zopiclone, or else it may bring about side effects of the medicine.

Peel out the sachet and swallow the medicine with water.

But remember that if you are under the influence of alcohol or other addictive substances at the time of having this medicine it may cause side effects which we shall also discuss in the article.

Dose for Blue Zopiclone

A dose for Blue Zopiclone would be determined only based on the severity of the insomnia disorder.

If you are suffering from severe cases of insomnia disorder you would need to use a higher dose medicine such as the 10 mg dose of Blue Zopiclone.

If not and in case your insomnia variant is mildly occurring then a 7.5 mg dose of Blue Zopiclone should be sufficient to produce a good and peaceful sleep for the entire night.

  • Miss dose

Avoid forgetting to take your pill. Without the effects of Blue Zopiclone in your mind it will not be helpful to have a comfortable sleep at night.

  • Overdose

Avoid taking in an excess of this generic substance over the recommended dose suggested by the doctors.

In higher amounts and beyond a certain tolerance level this drug substance may not be good for your health and bring out the multiple side effects.

Side effects of Blue Zopiclone

Often patients using the Blue Zopiclone may come up with some minor or severe side effects.

Minor side effects may occur as a wrong-doing of overdose or else it may occur as your body gradually adjusts to the actions of the medicine.

These minor side effects include headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, fatigue, and so on.

Generally, there are some severe side effects but don’t worry as none of them are as severe as threatening your life.

Some of these major side effects include severe nausea, palpitations, vision blurring, numbness in the palms, chest pain, confusion, oversleeping, and so on.

Precautions to be maintained when using Blue Zopiclone

Doctors would recommend a list of precautionary measures to be followed when using Blue Zopiclone. This is for your health and safety that you follow this prescribed list of safety measures.

It is highly risky to drink alcohol or any other narcotic agent that also causes drowsiness and sleepiness.

As a result of this, you may have side effects such as oversleeping, confusion, severe drowsiness, fatigue, vomiting, and so on.

It is also unsafe to be outside and be involved in any tasks that require urgent focus and concentration such as running machinery or driving a car.

Being prone to sleepiness and drowsiness could mean that accidents and injuries can happen.

A pill like Blue Zopiclone may become highly addictive if you keep using it. yes, this is one of the major disadvantages that come with Blue Zopiclone.

There is an issue of habit-forming tendencies. It is also the reason why doctors often recommend using the pills only for a short time that is for a few days or weeks only.

Doctors would also ask you if you are using any other medicines, especially from the class of anti-depressants, immunosuppressants, other high doses of painkillers, and medicines that curb nerve pain.


Can Blue Zopiclone be harmful to health?

Blue Zopiclone when overdosed or used for a long time can be harmful to your health.

Is Blue Zopiclone helpful in children?

Blue Zopiclone is not recommendable for curing children’s sleep issues unless they are adults over the age of 18.

Is Zopiclone a suitable substance?

Yes, Zopiclone is a suitable substance for use recommended by doctors and prescribed by the FDA.

What are some of the brands of Blue Zopiclone?

Zopiclone as a substance is available in many brand names such as Zopisign, Zopifresh, Zopicon, and so on.

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14 Tablets in a strip


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Short-term treatment of severe insomnia

Side Effects

A bitter or metallic taste in your mouth or a dry mouth, daytime sleepiness, reduced alertness, and dry mouth.

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