Careprost Eye Drop (Bimatoprost)

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Careprost Eye Drop, containing Bimatoprost, is an eye drop used to treat high pressure inside the eye due to glaucoma or other eye conditions. It works by regulating the flow of fluid within the eye to maintain normal pressure. This ophthalmic solution is also utilized to enhance eyelash growth, making them longer, thicker, and darker. This eye drop should be used as directed by a healthcare professional, and any potential side effects should be reported promptly.

Careprost Eye Drop (Bimatoprost)

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What is Careprost Eye Drop?

When the optic nerve is damaged because of excess pressure in the eyes, an ophthalmologist prescribes a patient to use Careprost Eye Drop. Bimatoprost is present in this ophthalmic solution which is treated for glaucoma patients.

With the effective compound, eye pressure gets decreased in the eyes. Your ophthalmologist will tell a patient to have some eye tests to know the condition of the eyes. Using the eye drop carefully can reduce the pressure from the eyes.

Who manufactures of Careprost Eye Drop?

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries is the manufacturer of Careprost Eye Drop.

How does Careprost Eye Drop work?

Bimatoprost is a powerful component that decreases the excess pressure in a person’s eyes. The constituent makes the drainage of the fluid increase which is collected in the eyes. The constituent does not strain your eyes which in turn decreases the increased ocular pressure.

Your ophthalmologist will opt for eye tests which will help a doctor understand the condition of the eyes. Taking this eye drop as your doctor tells you will help you treat glaucoma.

Uses of Careprost Eye Drop

Bimatoprost is an imperative compound of Careprost Eye Drop which does not accumulate fluid in the eyes. When the drops are given to the eyes, the pressure in the eyes gets reduced. When the treatment goes on, patients may experience some changes in the eyes.

This eye drop will make your eyelashes grow and you may feel the surroundings of your eyes tighten. When you use this eye drop cautiously, you will see a positive change in your eyes.

How to take this eye drop?

This medicine is only for ophthalmic use, patients should use it only in the eyes. Wash your hands properly before touching the eye drop. Do not touch the tip of Careprost when you are using this drop. Pour a few drops of Careprost in the eyes and keep your eyes closed for 10 minutes. Make sure not to touch the surface of an eye dropper which can lead to contamination.

If your doctor tells you to use this eye drop twice or thrice a day, make sure to have a gap of 10 minutes before using the next eye drop. Patients who use contact lenses need to take the lens out before using the next eye drop. Reinsert the lenses after 10 minutes after using the drop.


Patients with glaucoma issues may view various dosages of Careprost Eye Drops. It is advised to patients not to use a dose without consulting with an ophthalmologist. Not all dosages are appropriate for a patient. Depending on the ocular pressure of a patient, a particular dose of Careprost will be given to a patient.

  • Miss dose

If you have missed applying the eye drop, use it again when you remember. Your medical provider will tell you when you should use this eye drop if it gets missed.

  • Overdose

In case you have used more drops, inform your ophthalmologist as early as possible. Your doctor will fix the side effects as soon as possible.

Strengths and Substitutes of Careprost Eye Drop

There are various strengths and substitutes of Careprost Eye Drops which patients can avail in the Genericmedsstore. Before telling you about the strength of this eye drop, your doctor will check your eyes. This will help you decide which strength of an eye drop will be right for your eyes.

Side Effects of Careptost Eye Drop

irritation in the eyes, skin tightening around the eyes, redness in the eyes, dry eye, or sudden growth of eyelashes are some of the side effects.


Interactions are possible when you have other drugs when you are using Careprost Eye Drop:

  • Drug interactions

If you are using a prescription-targeted drug or a non-prescription-targeted medicine, inform your doctor. Herbal supplements should be avoided when you use Careprost Eye Drops.

  • Disease interactions

If you have a chronic disease, seek permission from your doctor whether you can use this eye drop or not.

People with kidney, liver, or cardiovascular disease need to avoid using this eye drop.

Precaution & Warning

Pregnant women need to consult with an ophthalmologist before using this ophthalmic solution.

If you get allergic reactions after using Careprost Eye Drops, stop using this ophthalmic eye solution.

Using a heavy tool or using a vehicle after using the eye drop will give rise to blurred vision.


Store Careprost Eye Drop in a place free from dust and moisture. Suitable room temperature is necessary while keeping this eye drop. It would be better to keep the ophthalmic solution below 25 degrees at room temperature.


1. Can Careprost Eye Drop Be Purchased without a prescription?

Unless you have a prescription with you, getting Careprost Eye Drops may not be possible. Treated for glaucoma. As this medicine is not an over-the-counter medication, having a prescription is essential.

2. Who can take Careprost Eye Drop?

People who experience increased pressure for many weeks in the eye are advised to take this ophthalmic solution. Having this eye dropper regularly can decrease the risk of glaucoma.

3. Can patients who have gone through an eye surgery use Careprost Eye Drop?

People who have undergone eye surgery or will be going through surgery are advised not to use this ophthalmic solution.

4. Can patients with eye infections use Careprost Eye Drop?

People who have another problem with their eyes or who have an infection in the eye cannot use Careprost Eye Drops. By doing so, it can create more problems for the eyes.

5. What is the right dose of Careprost Eye Drop?

Your ophthalmologist will decide which dose of Careprost will not cause harm to your eyes. Higher doses of eye drops can harm your eyes in many ways.

6. Can patients have side effects after using Careprost?

If the eye drop is not used as it is mentioned by your ophthalmologist, side effects may occur. Hence, follow the right instructions to keep side effects away.

7. Can using Careprost be stopped without an ophthalmologist’s consultation?

Unless your ophthalmologist tells you to stop this eye drop, do not stop using the eye drop all of a sudden. Doing so may increase more pressure in your eyes.

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Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

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GMS 32389

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3ml Bottle

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