Cobra 120 Mg

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Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate


HAB Pharmaceuticals/ Research Ltd


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120 Mg

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6 To 15 days

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To overcome erectile dysfunction issues with Cobra 120 mg. Cobra 120 is a prescription medicine that is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. Generic Sildenafil is the main active ingredient of this medicine. The class of PDE-5 Inhibitor helps to enhance blood flow into the penis.

Cobra 120 Mg

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What is Cobra 120 mg?

Cobra 120 mg is a medicine that can bring an end to your suffering and mental issues of erection problem. Are you having issues with erecting your penis during the most intimate moments with your partner? Well, you might just be suffering from the issues of penis hardness which are coined as the term erectile dysfunction or impotence.

During such a sexual issue you may use the Cobra 120mg that contains Sildenafil making your erection issues disappear for the time being.

Composition of Cobra 120 mg

Present within the Cobra 120 mg pills is the substance Sildenafil Citrate which can treat your erectile dysfunction. Remember that Sildenafil use can only bring in erection abilities for a few hours without changing the erection capabilities permanently.

Sildenafil is a prescription substance for treating ED and its use was the first generic element of all the other PDE-5 hormone-inhibiting substances to get the approvals from the FDA for patient’s use.

Sildenafil is more common to US patients by the name of Viagra and there are numerous other generic brand names of the substance including the Cobra 120mg.

Medicinal Benefits of having Cobra 120 mg

Of course, the immediate benefit of the Cobra 120 pills is getting an erection and satisfying your inner sexual desires.

Cobra 120mg is a medicine that can potentially provide patients with a quick and fast solution to ED trouble. It just takes a little less than half an hour to get you to erect hard and avoid all the symptoms of having ED until about 6 hours which is generally the activation time for the medicines.

Other than this, the generic brand is also available at cheaper prices from the Genericmedsstore online pharmacy portals.

Direction of Usage

The immediate direction for swallowing the medicine is to take the pills orally. You will need to ensure swallowing the whole pill in a single go, without breaking it into further halves. The best usage time for the medicines will be any time preceding your sexual activities.

  • Additional Direction for Users

Additionally knowing the correct mode of administering the pills there are some more directions for the users to follow.

This includes ensuring avoidance of all forms of addiction substances since they will have the most chances of contraindication with Sildenafil use. Also, avoid taking in more than a single medicine at once as this means that you are doubling your dose which is completely unnecessary and unhealthy.

When to take Cobra 120mg?

It is essential to get a confirmation about your symptoms of erectile dysfunction from a doctor. After all, you want to be sure that you are having ED or not, and then only would you want to take in the medicines right?

The suitability of the Cobra 120 red pills is perfect only for those males who are suffering from ED. Without having this sexual issue do not take it just for enjoying the fun. Since you don’t know whether you have ED or not you may end up suffering from side effects due to administering an unsuitable dose.

Side Effects

Most of the time adhering to the right dose, the side effects won’t come in. but even if they do only mild ones are to be expected such as suffering from mild headache, dizziness,  nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dry mouth, palpitations, and so on.

It is in very rare situations that patients have experienced the most severe side effects of the medicine such as chest pain, lower libido, drop in blood pressure, priapism, and vision blurring.

  • What to do when you face side effects?

Usually, you have to be proactive when you are seeing the symptoms of side effects creeping in. You must have a general idea about the side effects of the Cobra 120mg pills beforehand.

The first step for you is to inform the doctors. Also, ensure to remain in a comfortable situation and take help from your partner or any of your family members.

Generally, if you are having side effects avoid alcohol since this may only act to increase the severity of the side effects.

Drug Warnings

Generally, it is some warnings that you have to be careful of when using the Cobra 120 Sildenafil Citrate tablets.

Such warning measures of taking the medicine include alcohol intake with the medicine which can severely raise your chances of having the most severe side effects.

Other than this, another warning is regarding your age as it is only safe to administer the medicine if you are within the age groups of 18 to 64 years.

Patients will also be issued a warning not to use the medicines if they are female.

Other than this doctors will also issue several warning measures and ask those patients to avoid using the medicine who are suffering from existing disorders relating to the heart, liver, and kidneys.

Drug Interactions

Let us check out the contraindications elements that boost the chances of side effects with the use of Cobra 120mg.

  • Drug Interaction

Drugs that have the highest potential to contraindicate the actions of Cobra 120mg include medicines that contain nitrates, medicines that many have capabilities of PDE-5 hormone inhibition, alpha and beta blockers, and even protease hormone inhibiting medicines.

  • Food Interaction

Usually, there is no food substance other than grapes or its juice which has a negative contraindication chance.

  • Other body organ Interaction

Primarily other body organs that may have chances of interaction with the use of the Cobra 120mg tablets include the heart, liver, and kidneys.

  • Disease Interaction

Just as we told you above, it is any disorder relating to your heart, liver, or kidneys that may have contraindications capabilities with using Cobra 120mg medicine.

Safety Advice

Usually, patients have to follow the below-given safety advice from the doctors.

  • While Driving

Don’t drive at all if you are experiencing headache, or dizziness come in. Call your doctor and ask for advice from them.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is a highly triggering agent with the actions of Sildenafil. Not only does alcohol intake increase the chances of having headaches, dizziness, or nausea, but it can also increase their severity within minutes.

  • Habit Forming

No, at least the Cobra 120mg pills will not have any habit-forming tendencies.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Although you may be using the Cobra 120mg pills to gain a solid erection you must know that this use does not help you to obtain a permanent solution to ED issues.

Rather your only way out of this would be to change your diet and lifestyle for a healthier version.

The most recommended food items when suffering from ED include spinach, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, red bell peppers, avocadoes, berries, apples, watermelon, lean meat, and fish such as tuna, sardean and so on.

Special Conditions

  • When to Consult Doctor

It is better not to delay any further once you are suffering from the issues of obtaining a penis hardness each time that you get intimate with your partner.

  • When to Stop Taking Cobra 120mg

Generally, doctors will inform you when to stop taking further courses on Cobra 120mg pills. You will usually have to stop taking the medicines after a certain term which may be a few months to a few years.

Active Ingredient

Sildenafil Citrate

Brand Name

Sildenafil Citrate/ Viagra


HAB Pharmaceuticals/ Research Ltd

Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


Sildenafil Citrate


120 Mg


5 tablets in strip


Pills Strip

Drug Class

Phosphodiesterase (PDE) inhibitors

Prescribed For

Treat Erectile Dysfunction in men

Side Effects

Headaches, Feeling sick, Flushing, Indigestion, Stuffy nose, Feeling dizzy

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