Ivecop 12 Mg (Ivermectin)

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Ivecop 12 Mg tablet is used to treatment of Parasitic Infections in the skin, intestine, and eyes. Ivermectin is an active component of Ivecop 12. This tablet is taken with or without a meal. Must follow the doctor’s instructions. Ivecop 12 Mg tablet manufactured by Menarini India Pvt Ltd.

Ivecop 12 Mg (Ivermectin)

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What is Ivecop 12 Mg?

Ivecop 12 mg medicines need intake when you suffer from specific forms of parasitic infections. The medicine belongs to the anti-parasitic medicinal category. But of course, with the prescription ingredient of Ivermectin, you will need to get approval from the doctors to begin your daily course.

Remember that to take Ivecop 12mg you will need to ensure that the proper diagnosis is done to reveal the exact severity and the type of parasitic infections.

Ivecop 12mg can treat specific types of parasitic infections relating to the infections that occur on the intestines, skin, and eyes.

Composition of Ivecop 12mg

Ivermectin is the generic ingredient that is present in the Ivecop 12mg pills. The amount of the generic substance which is present in a single pill amounts to 12mg which indicates that there are no other generic substances present in the pills.

Ivermectin is an anti-infective generic substance for the therapeutic class of medicines. The chemical class to which it belongs is the macrocyclic lactone derivative. The good thing about using Ivermectin as a generic substance is that it does not have any drug addictiveness tendencies. So, when you are using Ivecop 12mg you may not have to worry about such issues.

Medicinal Benefits of having Ivecop 12mg

Let us now check out some of the benefits of Ivecop 12mg since there are several other anti-parasitic infection medicines available on the market.

Firstly, the generic substance of the medicine Ivermectin is highly effective in treating different types of parasitic infections. Those who have used the medicine earlier state that the actions of the medicine can treat even the severest forms of parasitic infection.

On the other hand, as we have told you above up to three different types of parasitic infections occurring in the intestines, skin, and eyes are treated using the pills. Along with this, the price of the medicines is also highly affordable to the patients which means less cost for treatments.

Direction of Usage

When the doctors recommend you to use the Ivecop 12mg pills they will also certainly guide you to some basic dosage guidelines. Let us check out what these are:

Use of the dosage needs confirmation from the doctors in a prescription stating you to use the pills.

Never is it safe to use more than one pill in a single go.

Always keep adhering to other instruction guidelines which we have mentioned below.

Do not increase the dosage without letting the doctors know about it.

  • Additional Direction for Users

Here are some other instructions about the directional use of Ivecop 12mg pills-

Patients must only swallow the medicine without experimenting with any other administrative methods such as chewing or crushing the pills.

Once a course begins two things are important which are to regularly administer the medicines and of course complete the entire course even if you feel well.

Avoid using alcohol since it is a contra agent producing side effects with the actions of generic Ivermectin.

Side Effects

Although, side effects rarely occur it is a good idea to know what extent of side effects may occur. If you keep yourself bound to the doctor’s recommended dose only chances of side effects do not occur.

Some of the side effects of Ivecop 12mg include-

  • Itching
  • Swelling and inflammation on the sites of infections
  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Lymph node swelling
  • Joint pains
  • The faster beating of a heart
  • Rise in the count of blood cells
  • Rise in the content of hemoglobin in your blood
  • Reduction in the count of white blood cells
  • Tremors
  • Fever
  • Dry mouth
  • What to do when you face side effects?

So, what are your doable actions in case any of the above-given side effects occur? Well, first of all, you need not panic in such situations. The foremost important thing to do is to inform any family member about your experience of side effects.

Tell them about your problems and what exact side effects you are feeling. Also, ask them for any assistance which you may need. It is also important to speak with the doctors on this so give them a call urgently.

Drug Warnings

Using the Ivecop 12mg pills you will have to be wary of a few drug warnings as well.

Firstly, you are never to use any alcohol. The problem with taking alcohol is that some side effects may occur due to both actions being similar. For example, even alcoholic actions can make you feel dizzy, drowsy, or have a headache.

Some drugs are not allowable during your course on the Ivecop 12mg which we shall see below.

Never increase your dosage to the permissible amounts.

Drug Interactions

  • Drug Interaction

As we have told you above there are some drugs that you may need to stop taking until the course of Ivecop 12mg finishes. Some of these specific pills include any other medicines for treating infections occurring due to parasites. Mention the doctor if you even have other forms of viral or bacterial infections.

It is also not safe to take medicines that contain steroids during this time since this may only increase your chances of having side effects.

  • Food Interaction

Generally, there are no drug and food interactions. You can easily continue on a normal diet and have your preferential food items even when the course is on. If any specific food items need avoidance ask the doctors.

  • Other body organ Interaction

Generally, the drug may cause your face and skin on the infection regions to swell up which may be a side effect of the medicines. Other than this your hemoglobin content may rise and the count of white blood cells may reduce.

  • Disease Interaction

Generally, it is not safe for you to use the medicines if you have other types of infections such as viral infections, and bacterial infections. Mention to the doctors any disorders relating to the liver and kidneys.

Safety Advice

  • While Driving

Generally, reach your destination and only have the medicines. During the first few days, you may have a slightly high chance of having side effects due to your body adjusting to the dose.

  • Alcohol

As we have repeatedly told you, avoid being indulgent in the use of alcohol.

  • Habit Forming

You do not have any habit-forming tendencies.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

For treating any parasitic infection it is better to take in a simple diet. As you can see parasitic infections may infect your intestines resulting in reduced digestive efficiency.

Also, ensure to have proper rest as you may feel pain or even have a fever due to such infections.

Special Conditions

  • When to Consult Doctor

Consultation from the doctors should be done without delay as soon as you experience the symptoms of various parasitic infections. If you have any skin infection the symptoms include swelling, redness, itching, Pain and inflammation, and so on.

And if you have any parasitic infection occurring in the intestines some of the symptoms include suffering from indigestion, regular vomiting, diarrhea, dysentery, and so on.

  • When to Stop Taking Ivecop 12mg

Generally, medicines need to be stopped only once the entire course is over. But, if you have severe side effects doctors may need to stop the medicines midway to change the dose or the brand of pills.

Active Ingredient



Menarini India Pvt Ltd


1 Tablet in 1 strip



Delivery Time

6 To 15 days

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