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Modaheal 200 mg treats excessive daytime sleepiness (narcolepsy). Generic Modafinil is this medicine’s active component. Additionally, they assist those who work rotating shifts during the day and night. Narcolepsy and excessive daytime sleepiness are causes of drowsiness, which is treated with Modaheal 200 tablets.

Modaheal 200

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What is Modaheal 200?

Modaheal 200 mg represents a Generic Modafinil dose that patients need to administer on facing issues with excessive daytime sleepiness.

If you are feeling too many symptoms of drowsiness and sleepiness during the day hours of your work, ideally this is the time when a pill of Modaheal 200mg can come of great use to you.

But, do not tempt yourself to administer a single dose of the medicine until you consult with the doctors as you don’t have any idea about how many doses of Modafinil are safe for your body or what the contraindication symptoms could be potentially with your other usable medicines.

Composition of Modaheal 200mg

Modafinil is the generic element that is present in an equivalent or same amount as 200mg dose per pill.

This dose corresponds to the highest quantity of the generic substance which can provide actions quickly for up to several hours long.

Modafinil by itself is a sort of brain-stimulating substance that causes your brain to become active and thoughtful.

Remember that although there is no such factor linking Modafinil to treating the effects of narcolepsy or daytime sleepiness permanently within the patient, it can be significantly useful to get a faster action and more effective action for a shorter tenure of a few weeks.

Medicinal Benefits of having Modaheal 200 mg

Modaheal 200mg presents the patient with so many benefits of administering pills. Firstly, the pills can get you to relieve any symptoms of narcolepsy.

It is quite natural that someone who is having to face constant drowsiness and sleepiness during their primary work hours may face a significant reduction in their daily productivity causing you to even get fired from your job or face significant business loss.

But, eventually with the drug’s wakefulness actions creeping in you can remain far more active and awake during such hours of the day.

Direction of Usage

Usually, the direction for using the Modafinil Modaheal 200 mg dose is a directive that comes on behalf of the doctors.

Such a dose to administer will be each day of the scheduled tenure within which you are allowed at most for a one-time intake of the pills.

  • Additional Direction for Users

Additionally to swallowing the medicines which represents the ideal form of intake, a person has to keep a note of the timings. Usually, you are not allowed for a second-time administration of the pills given that you have taken your daily pill already.

Patients must not indulge in those substances that make them addictive to them such as the use of alcohol or narcotic substances.

Side Effects

You may face various health adversaries during your course on the pills. Such side effects occurring initially may only come up as your body is still adjusting to the usage of Generic Modafinil.

Such side effects will generally include symptoms of headache, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, palpitations, and dry mouth which are mild ones only.

But, other than this it is also possible to have significant severe side effects although they occur very rarely.

Such side effects include a rapid heartbeat, chest pain, vision blurriness, problems in hearing clarity, and so on.

  • What to do when side effects occur?

There is no doubt that no one would be okay with suffering from the side effects of Modaheal 200mg.

But, despite all your safety measures if such an adverse situation comes in, you need to avoid panic at this stage.

You must sit down or at least be comfortable when having the slightest symptoms of side effects. Focus all your concentration on trying to figure out the various side effects for several side effects may occur simultaneously.

Other than this you will have to be careful of calling the doctors instantly. Do not hesitate to visit them if any severe side effects come in.

Drug Warnings

Usually, there are several warnings that the doctors will mention to you.

Avoid multiple pills being taken within the same day.

Do not administer any further higher doses other than the ones doctors recommend.

Neglect the slightest intake of alcohol despite your temptations at least when the drug is in effect.

Drug Interactions

There are some possibilities of Generic Modafinil having interactions with a few substances such as food, other medicines, and body conditions. Let us learn more about them.

  • Drug Interaction

A medicine such as Modaheal 200mg can easily interact with insomnia or sleeping medicines.

Other than this even those medicines that help resolve pain, treat epileptic attacks, or cause brain stimulation actions may have further chances of negative interactions.

  • Food Interaction

Generally, no such common food items may have a chance of attracting the negative side effects of Modafinil when you take your daily med after having a meal.

  • Other body organ Interaction

Generally, the drug may be severe on your heart, liver, and kidneys when taken in for a longer tenure exceeding the prescribed safe tenure from the doctors.

  • Disease Interaction

Yes, there is a possibility that the drug may have a chance of interacting with other conditions of your heart, sleep disorders, and pain conditions.

Safety Advice

Usually below are some of the most common safety advice for patients to follow at all stages.

  • While Driving

We don’t even recommend driving a car once the effects of the pill are in effect. Even if you are driving stop your car on the safe side of the road usually when you suddenly feel symptoms of headache, dizziness, and nausea.

  • Alcohol

Alcohol is generally one of the most severe contraindication agents under Modafinil action. It not only brings out the side effects but can make the existing ones far too severe as well.

  • Habit Forming

Generally, Modafinil does not have any chance of habit-forming dependencies within the patients.

Diet and Lifestyle Advice

Although you may be getting a good effect using the Modaheal 200mg pills, you need to ensure some lifestyle advice.

These include changing your diet in specific ways which can reduce the effects and symptoms of narcolepsy.

For example, you need to have dinner way early at least 2 to 3 hours before it is usual bedtime.

Avoid indulging in alcohol or narcotic substance intake for this may undermine the actions of the medicine.

Doing exercises and meditating may help you to remain alert and more conscious during your working hours of the day.

Special Conditions

  • When to Consult Doctor

Make no delays and consult the doctor as soon as you begin the slightest symptoms of narcolepsy creeping in.

If you are facing issues of drowsiness or sleepiness at particular times of the day for a week or so have a consultation with the doctors to detect the disorder while it is still mild.

This may help in avoiding taking this large dose.

  • When to Stop Taking Modaheal 200mg

You may have to stop administering the medicines in a little under three weeks or a maximum of 21 days. Usually, the doctors will not recommend continuing at a stretch beyond 21 days.

Doctors say that after you have completed a 21-day course of the pills, it is only safe to administer further courses after a break of a few months at least.

Active Ingredient



Sunrise Pharma

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Delivery Time

6 To 15 days


200 Mg


10 Tablets in Strip

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