Types Of Chronic Pain And How To Manage Them?
Types Of Chronic Pain And How To Manage Them?

Types Of Chronic Pain And How To Manage Them?

When it comes to suffering from pain it is gruesome and painful for us all. We don’t want to suffer from severe pain although most of us would have had to deal with some form of pain at times.

In this article, we are going to review the types of chronic pain and severe pain and how you can manage them. We shall broadly look into the top two categories of chronic pain.

Although pain is a very generic topic and could be of many types, when you broadly look into it, there are mostly two different types of chronic pain that we shall discuss in this article.

Lastly, we shall provide you with some basic tips on the use of medicines such as Pain O Soma 500 mg and some lifestyle and dietary recommendations on how to cure and manage pain.

So let’s begin…

A deal with the two different types of chronic pain

So, as we told you above, in this article we shall closely look at the two basic types of pain as we told you above. These two types of pain are called muscle pain or musculoskeletal pain and nerve pain or Neuropathic pain.

A deal with the two different types of chronic pain

Muscular pain or Musculoskeletal pain

Muscular or musculoskeletal pain as the name would suggest deals with muscles and tissues in your body. This time of pain may also affect the musculoskeletal joints which is where the muscle tissues and bones are interconnected.

This type of pain may occur due to any major injury, cut, wound, bite, or even burns. Managing muscle pain can be tough as sometimes muscle pain can be severe.

Severe muscle pain can be tough on you and cause a lot of pain and anxiety. Usually, the doctors will recommend you use medicines such as Pain O Soma 350 mg for this.

Nerve pain or Neuropathic Pain

Now, another common type of pain is nerve pain. As you can clearly understand it is the form of pain deriving from the nerves. The cause of nerve pain could be an injury to the nerves or even some disorders.

Some of the common nerve disorders that cause nerve pain include neuralgia or degeneration of the nerves. This type of pain is generally seen in old and aged people.

Another common nerve disorder is known as epilepsy or seizures. This type of nerve pain would occur along with a vigorous and involuntary shaking of the entire body. Such a type of chronic pain can be severe until the seizure lasts.

Another common form of nerve pain is known as diabetic neuropathy. This type of nerve pain would primarily occur in a person who is suffering from long-term diabetes. Suffering from diabetes for the long term causes the nerves to damage eventually causing a lot of chronic pain.

For curing nerve pain which is mild generally, it is good to go with the lifestyle and dietary changes. But, if you are suffering from any nerve disorders and pain it is generally recommended by the doctors to use suitable medicines.

Remember, that curing nerve pain and muscle pain would require two completely different sets of medicines.

Although, for curing both types of pain you would need a painkiller both are of completely different categories. To cure nerve pain you will need to use medicines that contain gabapentin in it.

Curing Muscle Pain

Now we shall have a look at how you can cure muscle pain through different techniques.

Use of medicines to cure muscle pain

As we told you above if the type of muscle pain is too intense the doctors would generally recommend you to take medicines that contain substances such as carisoprodol. Some of the common brand names that contain this medicinal substance are known as Priligy or Pain O Soma.

But, such a type of cure for muscle pain through the use of medicines only lasts for a short term until the effects of the medicine are active. Hence, when you are using medicines you will need to use them continually every 24 hours.

Cure to muscle pain through the use of natural techniques

Curing muscle pain through natural techniques is the best although it would take a long. And in case your muscle pain issues are mild it is best suggested to try out the natural techniques for muscle pain cure.

Some of the recommended methods include doing exercises such as stretching that involve compression and relaxation of the affected muscle tissues. Doctors would also recommend you increase the number of food items that contain vitamins, minerals, and proteins.

Curing Nerve Pain

So, now it is time to check out the different tactics to cure nerve pain.

Through the use of medicines

Mostly nerve pain that is generated due to any nerve disorders as we have explained above would need you to use medicines. With the use of medicines, it is possible to get rid of nerve pain only for a short term until the effects of the medicine last.

Generally, doctors recommend the use of medicines that contain gabapentin to cure nerve pain. Some of the common brand names include Gabapin 100 and Nervigesic 300.

Through the use of natural techniques

There are some natural techniques to cure nerve pain. it can be done through some exercises that involve locomotion of the affected regions. By doing these exercises the nerves of the affected regions would be stimulated to send signals to and from the nerves.

Doctors also suggest other techniques to get rid of muscle pain through limiting alcohol intake, less use of drugs, and ensuring proper sleep at night. The doctors also suggest you increase your intake of food items that contain vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals.


So, as you can see two broad spectrums of chronic pain are muscle pain and nerve pain. We have provided you with the details on both these types of pain and recommended some suitable techniques to cure them naturally as well through the use of medicines.

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